Life Through My Eyes.

O teu sal by  Anita Nunes


We all love someone way too fucking much.
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Gosh, your situation sounds terrible. I was fine walking until there were huge gaps between street lamps and I ran to the next light. I have a semi okay relationship with my grandparents, but they just got upset because I came home during an argument, not my own will pretty much. I know things will get better with them but it's just so hard. Everything I worked on, trying to handle my mind went straight down the drain. I'm back to step 1 in my mind and it's such a dark place. I'm scared

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve had my best friends fuck me over , & it’s not a good feeling , it feels like the next person that tries to be your friend is gonna betray you and is gonna hurt you like the last person did & I really hope you can work things out with your boyfriend. But first you have to worry about you , always out yourself before anyone else. You need to be mentally prepared to be in a relationship , there has to be a lot of trust , if there is no trust , there is no relationship. A guy should always respect you , if he doesn’t he doesn’t deserve to be near you. My relationship with my ex was very toxic. We didn’t fight at the beginning and then things started changing. I became jealous , he was verbally and emotionally abusive , I didn’t want to admit it , but it was happening. & everyone tried to tell me and I didn’t listen. I was blinded by “love”. & it was really hard on me. After that it’s hard to trust anyone.